At the heart of My brilliant Baby™ is our mission to equip you with the latest 'how to' and 'can do' knowledge and inspiration.

New book launched: now on sale in London, Sydney, Hong Kong and on line

Dr Gloria S Wright’s [Gloria]  new book, has 80 easy brain stimulating activities, for parents, educators and health professionals.

This action packed resource book, with easy, mostly low cost activities, is far more than activities alone.

The big idea is to shift thinking from a focus on maths and english the only valuable forms of human intelligence, to include other forms of ‘bright’ based on the theory of multiple intelligences.

The big purpose is to help little children flourish with joy and to actively maximise learning at a time when the brain is most receptive – and to dissolve the mindset that there are only one or two forms of being ‘smart’ – we provide 8!

Learn and be inspired through our events

The time you have when your baby is finite – so take a moment to sign up to our talks, workshops an events! You, like so many others, will be pleased you did.

And  let’s arrange a talk right in your area, or at your child’s early childhood learning centre, at a parent party in your own home or at your practice. Just ask and we’ll give you a customised event at an affordable price.

Here below are some of our events…

‘The 8 essentials’ Talk

SOLD OUT  Join Dr Gloria S Wright PhD on the 9 October 2017 at 8pm for ‘The 8 essentials’ Talk. Freshwater NSW – $20 or $30 for two. Hear about the 8 essential things necessary for a smart [...]


July 18-19
SEPLA conference, Sydney

July 27
80 Activities Book Launch, Sydney

August 9
Activities demonstration, Hong Kong

August 25
School Principals Talk, London

September 8
Early Childhood Teachers presentation, London

September 15
Multiple Intelligences seminar, Hong Kong

October 18
Activities demonstration, Sydney

November 17
Multiple Intelligences seminar for parents, Sydney

November 24
80 Activities Book Launch, Canberra

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