Babies are born individuals. They learn differently – but they have this in common.

Why MBB?

My Brilliant Baby (MBB) is about growing the brain power of young children.

There are 8 distinct forms of human intelligence ehich we call ‘brights’. These cover:

word/language ~ music ~ logic/mathematics ~ picture/visuals ~ body ~ people/interpersonal ~ self/intrapersonal ~ nature

At no other time in one’s life journey is more brain power available than in early childhood – 0-3 years.

The problem today, is that several of the intelligences are ignored or left to be pruned away by distorted expectations of what it means to be ‘bright’.

Schools, for example, place a great deal of emphasis on maths and language and while music, movement, art and other activities is seen as ‘nice’, they are not given equal footing.

At My Brilliant Baby we show you how the young brain develops, what happens when children lack experience in some areas, and the extent of how early childhood learning either advances or impeded adult outcomes for jobs, relationships, wealth, health and happiness.

So what?

We at My Brilliant baby (MBB) show another way – a fresh new approach to combining child rearing, child health and child education.

And while we use avenues familiar to most of us, like speaking, training, books and resources, our approach is different.

We actually open eyes and give ‘know how’.

Our belief, which underpins our services, is well supported by research and highly respected theorists like Howard Gardener of Harvard University and Thomas Armstrong, but it is our translation to everyday life that makes a difference for you.

You see, our Director and award winning transformational educator, Dr Gloria S Wright PhD of the University of Sydney, uses her original research in how children are medicalized (medically diagnosed for non-medical problems) combined with her decades of school leadership and parent education across 5 continents, to deliver practical ‘know how’ about how to release the ‘smarts’ in children, side step labels, and live healthy fulfilling lives – theories aside, it’s the practical ‘know how’ for home, practice and school that makes us different, you successful in raising your brilliant baby.

Why care?

Today, our planet has more intense problems globally on every front, than at any time in human history.

Our brilliant babies will inherit such challenges, and they will be the generation to fix it.

Whats standing in their way?

The Guinness Book of records shows that humans love ‘firsts’ and ‘greatest’s

Well get this for a first!

For the first time in human history, children born today will live shorter and in poorer health than their parents. This means that children of today, even in highly developed countries, will statistically die younger largely from lifestyle caused diseases and disorders. And during their shorter lives, they will have a 70% likelihood of acquiring a mental health disorder and suffer from anxiety. This results in less educational achievement and, ultimately, lack of fulfillment.

But we can make a change.

You see, although we have more schools in more countries, more health services reaching far corners of the globe, more doctors, better sanitation, mind-blowing technology, sophisticated surgery…and more children diagnosed with mental health, learning disorders and lifestyle provoked life-threatening diseases, than in any other time in human history, we can take a fresh new approach.

And we need to do this because, according to stacks of recent research from a wide range of disciplines, medicine, science, education and the social sciences, children of today are set to live shorter lives than any generation before them – a first in recorded human history.

This could be the greatest era of child raising stuff up in history!

Notwithstanding genuine cases of mental health, disorders and diseases evidenced in pathology, the facts are that a vast number of children today are put in boxes, labeled and sometimes medicated, their gifts, talents and abilities misunderstood, misinterpreted or thwarted – usually by well meaning people.

Here’s where MBB steps up

MBB asserts that amazing and unique ways of being ‘smart’, potentially blossoming when the brain is most ‘plastic’, that is, in early childhood, are at risk of being lost or pruned away. ‘Smarts’ buried or stunted.

Friends, parents and readers, while we concern ourselves with a range of global problems, as justified as each may be, may we not overlook the fabulous brilliance of our babies and children.

Our children deserve fulfillment. The planet needs brilliance – our brilliant babies.

Here’s what to do

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