About Dr Gloria S Wright

Dr Gloria S Wright founded My Brilliant Baby in 2017, with a career spanning several decades and 5 continents in educational teaching, leadership and reform, multiple qualifications including a PhD and the award of Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney.

Described by her peers as an education thought leader Gloria loves nothing more than translating big ideas for everyday betterment of children’s education, well being and happiness.

She says plainly that her idea with My bBrilliant baby is to give parents of young children ( and those who work with little kids including teachers, grandparents and nannies) ‘how to’ info and ideas in raising a bright baby.

Gloria, mother of three sons and grandmother many times over began her career as a special education teacher in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, with a mission to help all children shine, whatever their abilities and strengths may be. Since then, she has taught, led and inspired every age from early childhood to adults, focusing on brain development, wellness and multiple intelligences. Whether reviewing schools in the USA, advising Departments of Education in Australia and Hong Kong, professionally speaking in academia and corporate arenas, researching, coaching or writing, her enthusiasm to bring out the best in individuals, families and communities is now embraced across 5 continents.

Having studied how the brain actually learns and making links with the impact of early childhood on the future adult ‘self’, show shows us the amazing capacity of the young brain, the impact of early childhood experiences, and the need to bring out the gifts and abilities in children set for future adulthood.


From her bases in Sydney and Hong Kong, Gloria actively spreads the message that there are many ways to express human intelligence. Her fresh ideas backed by the rigour of research lead to happier, healthier and fulfilled children and parents.

Besides this, when children are provided with opportunities for healthy attachment with parents and key people, they grow in confidence to try new things and express human intelligence in fresh new ways.

You can find out more about Gloria on her website by clicking here

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