BRIGHT babies develop across 8 zones of human intelligence…

…and they grow into balanced adults with highly developed abilities for a fulfilled, creative adult future.

Our mission and service is for parents… 

… and we teach and inspire educators, health professionals and those who care for children.

Our fresh approach…

… is embraced by parents, grandparents and anyone with common sense. For too long, we in education have valued maths and english as the main ways of deciding if someone is ‘bright’.

And this translates to focusing on limited and misunderstood beliefs, often resulting in depriving children of a full range of educational experiences, leading to babies’ brains developing in an unbalanced way.

At worst, children who do not do as well in traditional ‘valued’ areas, can be labelled, feel unhappy, feel failures and less fulfilled, even as little people – you may be surprised just how ‘aware’ children actually are.

Most agree that the outdated way of looking at education needs to change. We show you how.

8 brights…

… has evolved from the theory of multiple intelligences which was first conceptualised by Howard Gardener of Harvard University – he rigorously expressed idea that there are many ways of bring ‘smart’.

Taking these ideas and further developing decades of our own experience and research ( inlcluding original published research) we show you how to expand your baby’s capacity to learn across 8 distinct forms of human intelligence – while you can!

The window of opportunity is wide open in the early childhood years…

… so we encourage you to take advantage before the brain becomes more structured and ‘pruned’ thereby limiting potential.

In fact, Babyhood to early childhood is possibly the most important period of neurological development in each and every individual.

The inventive child brain, exquisitely creative, is open and receptive to learning and limitless possibilities. In time, however, the brain becomes more ‘structured’, commonly giving way to more rigid, less creative thinking.

My Brilliant Baby  is a way of thinking. It’s fresh new approach that makes a lot of sense.


There are many ways to be smart – not just one or two.

we cover 8 distinct forms of human intelligence  when it counts most, in babyhood


What does it mean to be bright?

People have long been mistaken about human intelligence.

While psychometric assessments have some uses, attaching a single IQ number to a person commonly leads to unhelpful labels and deficit models.

The truth is that humans are capable of expressing wonderful gifts and talents in a range of ways including: music, physical body in sport dance and body mastery, language, architecture art and visual expressions of ideas, insight into the human ‘self’ in deep philosophical thought, interpersonal abilities including sensitivities and connectivity with nature…and more!

Stimulate baby’s developing brain now, as early childhood offers the optimal opportunity across a broad range of human intelligences.

Here at My Brilliant Baby we provide resources, education and services for parents, health professionals and anyone caring for young children.

What are the benefits?

The learning experiences and interpersonal environment you provide today will impact baby’s entire adult life!


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