DR gloria S Wright PhD, CEO and founder of My brilliant baby

“Dr Gloria Wright is an authentic professional and dedicated educator and leader in her field. She is able to combine an empathic and yet strong intellect with humour and passion”

Ricky Nowak Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, Author.

Transformational Educator

Dr Gloria S Wright holds a PhD from the University of Sydney in Education. Recognised as a leading authority in Neurodiversity – many ways to be ‘smart’, and a strong anti-labelling advocate who takes children ‘out of boxes’ and into their gifts and abilities.

Being an awarded expert in how the brain actually learns and an outstanding teacher for children and adults, Dr Gloria focuses on helping parents and teachers merge the three critical elements for smart, happy and healthy children: education, parenting and healthy life-living.

An international speaker bridging academia, business and popular, Gloria speaks passionately about understanding 8 distinct ways of being ‘smart’.

Through her original research, and having helped thousands of parents, teachers and health professionals across five continents, few problems have escaped her attention. She not only ‘lives’ her talk, she excites her audiences.

By educating and inspiring others about the powerhouse of human intelligence available to all of us, she says this:

“Children are often defined by the name of their problems – or their abilities. What they need is to be valued simply because they exist. May each be given the opportunity to live into their gifts and abilities – not stifled in labelled boxes”

With testimonial after testimonial applauding her knack of making big ideas easy to understand, Gloria unlocks the potential in children and she helps adults retrieve the imagination found in childhood to solve big problems today.

Her footprints are seen across the globe in Australia, Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, North America and India.

Highly acclaimed academic book author

Have you ever heard academic research being considered an “exciting page turner”?


“Dr Gloria Wright’s incisive, beautifully written analysis makes excellent reading for those interested in the arguments surrounding the medicalisation of behaviours. It demonstrates scholarship, research, sensitivity and fortitude and significantly adds to the debates in this field”.

Professor Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney

Interviewer & social commentator

Gloria is herself been inspired by the stories of people who ‘found their way’ despite setbacks at school. She says this:

we have all heard of ‘the greats’ who were, in their younger years, thought of as having disorders, learning difficulties or simply ‘no talent’: from Leonardo Da Vinci, to Albert Einstein – from Richard Branson to Jacky Chan – great stories! But I’m interested in everyday people who find their way of expressing their own unique human intelligence. I’m interested because their stories provide hope for our young ones – little ones who feel they are ‘no good’ at school, and maybe ‘no good at anything’.

A contributor to youtube, Gloria facilitates the telling of amazing stories to inspire!

Personal Insight

Gloria is a keen scuba diver. Her own ‘nature smart’ inclinations take her into deep waters from Australia to The Maldives to Fiji to Hong Kong and beyond.

She says this:

Diving is a bit like research. You get geared up, stay ‘in the moment’ and observe the ‘little’ hidden things that bear so much beauty – It’s a beautiful reflection of babyhood – trust in those watching out for you and self belief in its purest form”.

Gloria is married to Professor David J Hill and they share 6 adult sons and celebrate 7 little grandchildren who themselves span the globe.

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