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My Brilliant Baby™ is a fresh approach, a new way of thinking,  for parents, and those helping young kids, when it comes to maximising the potential learning capacity in early childhood.

We promote the idea that there is more than 1 way to be ‘smart’.

We show you 8 distinct zones of human intelligence!

You see, the traditional way of thinking said that only maths, science and literacy were important.

And that if you learn differently and show talent in other areas to these, you could be labelled or diagnosed or at the very least, put in a box.

Did you know that Albert Einstein showed less talent for traditional mathematics than his peers and was considered learning disabled?

Of course, the old way of thinking has some merit, the 3 Rs are still important, but we argue that there are 5 more ways to be ‘BRIGHT’ and we help you stimulate ALL of them for a happy, clever, thriving baby.

You see, at no other time in an individual’s life, is there more scope for brain development than now – in early childhood! Baby will need to be bright in all 8 areas of human intelligence for tomorrow’s world.

Founded by Dr Gloria S Wright, we help you raise a bright, balanced and creative child using a ‘multiple intelligences’ approach.

Through our books, seminars and resources, many of which are free, My Brilliant Baby™ is about the amazing window of opportunity you have as parent, to boost your baby’s brain.

Whether you are a busy mum or dad, a nanny, a grandparent or teacher, you’ll love our easy to follow methods and you” reap the benefits of knowing that you gave your baby the best start.

And you’ll keep abreast with some of the latest research, giving you the satisfaction that you are keeping up to date.


It is proven that babies who are stimulated neurologically across a broad range of human intelligences have a head start in life.

Let us show you how to expand your baby’s multiple intelligences today.

Make the most of babyhood!


How we help

At My Brilliant Baby™ we show why 0-3 is the critical period to cultivate potential in 8 distinct forms.

Through our book “80 activities for a bright baby”, our resources, workshops, seminars and keynote addresses… we show how to maximise intelligence in early childhood.

Our audiences range from groups to very large conferences, in academia, in business, in early childhood settings and schools.

People who absorb our knowledge and inspiration include parents, nannies, helpers, medical professionals, health professionals and people who make a difference for kids.

At no other time in life’s journey, are we more creative and holding more potential for greatness, than in the early childhood years!

Babies who are stimulated neurologically across a broad range of human intelligences have a head start in life.

Three key principles we stand by:

  • It’s not only about the 3 Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic that count – we work with 8 distinct intelligences available to your baby
  • The child brain is at the highest level of neural activity: creativity peaks – it’s your window of opportunity
  • Do constructive things with your baby each day. Lack of neuronal stimulation leads to reduced neuronal connectivity… so make the most of early childhood and give your baby the best start!
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