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What was your early childhood like?

Many of us cannot recall what happened last week, let alone when we were 3 years old! Could it be, however, that your very own babyhood, all those years ago, strongly contributed to the ‘person’ you are today?

Infant brain research says most certainly “yes!”

If you think you may have ended up smarter because you had stimulating educational activities, enriching playtimes and excellent nutrition, you’d only be partly right – but only partly. It’s less about genes and programs and more about cherishing.

The biggest contributor to how well your adult brain functions today, is the degree to which you were nurtured. Nurturing helps us form healthy attachments – the key to happy, healthy, resilient, productive lives.

If you are aware of personal shortcomings and things you’d like to change or would like a sharper focus on things that matter, you can trigger new brain growth, improve your concentration and memory and overall well being, by doing what ‘good’ parents do best for their children:  nurturing, playing, validating – do it now, for you, your adult self…

… and how about giving every little child you see, even if in passing, a warm smile, eye contact, a kind word and when you can, gentle touch. You will have added just a little to that child’s bright future and, in so doing, you may have even nurtured yourself.

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