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We’ve always known that babies do extra well when their mothers are happy and positive – interacting warmly, smiling at their babies, cooing and being ‘present’ rather than distant and distracted.

A recent study from the University of Cambridge, UK (December 2019), takes this a step further with jaw dropping results!

Using the technique of dual electroencephalography (EEG) with both mothers and their babies neuronal activity being measured in real time, astonishing evidence emerged showing that babies’ brains ‘tune in’ to their mothers’s brains… most importantly, the findings show that the emotions of the mothers actually regulate brain function of their babies at a neural level.

The groundbreaking idea that came from this is this:  the emotional state of ‘mum’ directly affects her baby’s brain development and her baby’s ability to learn – mothers with positive disposition and engagement results in marked increase in the infant’s neuronal activity in a good way.

The discovery of a ‘mega network’ of electrical brain synchronicity in mothers and infants is considered news worthy and has sparked further studies in how positivity with other key people in babies daily interactions, including fathers, is of vital importance.

For everyday mums, we can learn this: when we express positive emotions with our babies, our babies’ brains win!

One thing I’ve noticed that brings a beaming smile to mothers’ faces: notice how gorgeous their babies are and say so! As mothers’ day approaches why not try it – it will make you smile too and we all may end up a little smarter.

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