This amazing little book is packed with 80 easy to follow, low cost activities to expand 8 distinct intelligences in babies 0-2+.

Perfect for busy parents and early childhood educators, these activities with tips and tools, each informed by research, optimise the opportunity for a brilliant baby.

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‘The 8 essentials’ Talk

SOLD OUT  Join Dr Gloria S Wright PhD on the 9 October 2017 at 8pm for ‘The 8 essentials’ Talk. Freshwater NSW – $20 or $30 for two. Hear about the 8 essential things necessary for a smart [...]

At no other time in life’s journey, are we more creative and holding more potential for greatness, than in the early childhood years!

Babies who are stimulated neurologically across a broad range of human intelligences have a head start in life. Make the most of babyhood!

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